Many of the best moments with our children happen during day-to-day life and are never caught on camera. Little things like early morning snuggles and cuddles in bed, cooking breakfast with your little one on a stool beside you or those crazy and wonderful impromptu dance parties in the middle of the living room.  Some of my favorites are building forts, big belly laughs during bath time and the sweet whispers and butterfly kisses before bed. These are the precious and fleeting moments that melt our hearts, make us laugh uncontrollably or cry like babies. Don't you wish you could stop time or better yet, bottle up all the details so you never forget what life was like when your kids were little?

LIFE Sessions document a day in the life of your family. They're perfect for people who want something more out of their family photo session. The photos I capture tell your family's story. They're packed with emotion and bring back amazing memories and feelings every time you look at the album. 

Here's how it works... I come to your home for about six hours and capture the good, the bad, the ugly and most importantly everything that makes your family...your family! LIFE Sessions are completely natural and spontaneous. You choose what time of day I come and what you want to do while I'm there. We can stay in the house all day, play at your favorite park or even go on a family adventure. Compared to a normal family photo session, LIFE Sessions are much more relaxed. There's no pressure to look perfect and make your kids smile. Heck, you don't even have to wear makeup or clean your house if you don't want! It won't take long for the kids and even husbands to forget I'm there. Before you know it you'll all be doing those little quirky and cute things that make your family unique. 

LIFE Sessions are an investment. The album you receive, is a timeless keepsake to reflect on that time of your life.   The images, experiences and memories you gain are priceless and will become more and more valuable as the years pass and your children grow. Click here to see pricing and details.