10 days old and already living up to her name...

Karen and my husband Rob were friends back in college and finally reconnected here in Sacramento after 15 years! It was perfect timing for me because it meant meeting baby Grace.

Grace is a little beauty with her light hair, cute little lips and sleep smiles. She completes the family of four.

When you walk into the Marazzo home this gorgeous teal piano catches your eyes. Nick actually repurposed it himself! I just had to capture little Grace in front of it. My husband said hopefully she becomes a famous musician because she already has her first album cover!

When I look at the photo though, I can't help but think three years down the road when Grace is a little girl, sitting on the same stool, and actually playing the piano.

Don't worry Karen, I won't get too ahead of myself! Momma wants to cherish every second with her baby and Grace is happiest in her arms.

What a treat to meet this lovely family!

Lots of love,


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