Getting more handsome by the day...

You know when you're a new parent and you feel like you could just sit and stare at your baby all day long? That's Suzanne and Teddy! They looked so happy smiling down at their sleeping boy, Trey.

Can you blame them? In just a couple months, Mr. Trey has grown cuter and cuter. I am obsessed with his baby blue eyes!

I'm also obsessed with his hair. His momma brought some product to tame it and his daddy and I said "No way, he owns it!"

Trey, on the other hand, is obsessed with his tongue and loved to stick it out for the camera!

He's getting quite the personality, but the little guy is still one of the most easy going babies I know. I put him in a wagon, a basket and even in a heart frame on the grass and he just chilled. 

I guess he gets all his great qualities from his parents! Thank you Suzanne and Teddy for letting me capture your baby boy growing up. 

So beautiful, so chill, so loved.

Lots of love,