Cattails and kisses...

Christine and Adam Emmett and their three kids drove almost 40 miles for their very first family photo shoot. We met at Riverfront Park in Billings, Mt. It was perfect timing because earlier in the week the grass was still brown from the long winter. A few days of warm weather and sun did the trick and the grass was greening! It made for a great backdrop for three adorable kids. 

Kadence is 8, Caleb is 3 and Hunter is 1. Kadence is a total sweetheart and loved to help her little brothers. She also loved to solo model! At the end of the photo shoot she put her hair into cute pigtails and I couldn't leave without getting a shot. It ended up being one of my favorite photos! You can't go wrong with freckles and pigtails!

Caleb is a little guy on the go! He loved the trike I brought and even helped his little bro give it a try. He also loved to giggle and play with his mom and a dad. Such a cutie!

Hunter is a ham for the camera! He wasn't shy at all and gave me all sorts of sweet smiles. He wasn't quite walking yet, but kept up with the group with a little help. I love how he looked on the trike. His little legs just dangled, but he looked so proud up there.

Christine and Adam are awesome and very easygoing. They make having three kids seem easy! The setting sun and some dead cattails made for a super cool backdrop. My husband said the cattails looked like little torches. Kind of romantic right? Of course I made them kiss for the camera and I think they had a little fun doing it. Adam, I know you liked it! :)

Thank you guys for trusting me with your first family photo shoot. I hope you had fun and enjoy the pictures for a lifetime!

Lots of love,