18 months and mommy's model

Laura inspires me! She found a way to stay at home with her little girl but still work and use her creativity. It's the best of both worlds if you ask me! Her business is called Aubrey's Custom Boutique after her daughter. Aubrey is her inspiration and mini model. She makes tutus, headbands, bows, baskets, necklaces, bow ties and much more cute stuff for little ones. I stumbled across one of Laura's Facebook ads for a tutu Easter basket awhile back and became obsessed with her creations! You may notice some of the babies in my photos wearing items made by her. :)

Laura is one lucky mom and wife because she has an awesome husband who supports and appreciates her talent! Adam is an architect and extremely talented too. He says these days he is doing more of the business side of things rather than designing so he loves that his wife gets to use her creativity. The two totally balance each other out and are super fun parents!

At just 18 months, Aubrey is not only adorable but independent, curious and cool. Aubrey seems wise beyond her years and her Old Sac photo shoot had a vintage feel to me. Aubrey wore this cream, lacey dress and walked around like she owned the place! We had so much fun posing her by the train with an old suitcase and sitting her in a child-sized rocker on the "porch". We couldn't get enough! Adam and Laura thought it would be cute to get some shots of her on the train tracks and then next to the sign that says stay off the tracks. Don't worry, we were safe!!! :)

I had a blast feeding off of their fun and positive energies! I can't wait to see what they come up with next. 

Lots of Love,