I love it when my sessions come full circle and that happened again this week. I met Colton when he was first born and now he's one! He's still the same sweet, mellow guy he was as a tiny baby, but now he's walking, has a lot more hair and loves to smile. 

One year sessions are always fun because we usually start with solo shots of the child, then get some family photos and end with a cake smash. That's exactly how this session went down and Colton was SO good! We got some really cute, special photos they want to keep secret, I also brought along a teepee, which made a cute photo, and I loved Alison's idea to pour sprinkles on the cake. 

The first three photos show Colton over the last year. He's grown so much and look at his hair! It went from black like his momma to light brown like his dad. I can't wait to see how much he changes in the next year!

Lots of love,