Ben is a happy-go-lucky, sweet, smart and fun little guy, just like his momma and big sister! I was lucky enough to meet the three of them through Fit4Mom Sacramento, known to many as Stroller Strides. It's a fitness group where women workout with their children in tow in strollers. Carina really inspired me to get involved with the group and I'm so happy she pushed me to join! She is a rockstar because she works out every day of the week with Ben, and sometimes Leah, always smiling in the double Bob!

Ben is about to turn one, which meant cake smash time! Carina got similar photos of Leah when she turned one, so it's become a family tradition. Ben didn't exactly devour the cake but he got a little messy and had fun doing it. He's definitely going to be a basketball player because he was happiest with the ball in his hands! He also got a kick out of knocking the "one" blocks down before I could get a decent photo. ;)

This session was a little bit of an experiment. We actually did it in my driveway and there may have been some pink duct tape involved because of the wind. Thanks for trusting me Carina. ;) 

I just love this adorable family!

Lots of love,