When you spend most of the wedding day with a bride and groom you witness not only many emotional and amazing moments but a lot of funny ones too. This wedding in Carmel started with a sequence of funny events that I'll try to keep short and sweet.

The bride and groom had planned to give each other gifts and letters before the ceremony and to have the intimate moments captured on camera. The groom apparently didn't know the camera part of the plan because he opened his without us and the videographers. We, of course, made him do it again in front of the cameras. It was pretty short and sweet and we found out why a few minutes later when the bride went to open her items from the groom. Right as she was about to read his letter, she realized she forgot to write in the card she had just given him. Yes, it was completely blank! She got a good laugh about it and then read his long and emotional letter in front of us all. I think everyone shed a little tear. We shared the news with the groom and he got a laugh too. The bride wrote her letter and made sure her mother hand delivered it to him. This will for sure be a funny memory years down the road!

Then while taking some bridal party portraits around The Briarwood Inn, where they were staying, I watched a guy back-up (Austin Powers style) into a white car. Sure enough, it was the bride's work vehicle! Instead of letting it ruin their day, they let the wedding party deal with it, laughed a little and went on their way.

From the quaint, cozy and adorable streets of Carmel we went to the Carmel River State Beach, which was gorgeous. They got married in the sand, under blue skies and sunshine in front of their barefoot family members and friends. Yes, they even accidentally kissed before THE KISS! We walked the beach after the ceremony and then went up the hill to their reception at Wedgewood Carmel. Everyone had an awesome time and the sky came to life at sunset. It was a beautiful way to end the day and start their new life together!

Lots of love,


On a personal note, a shout out to my husband who took some amazing photos as my second shooter and a HUGE thank you to my sister-in-law who flew into Monterey from San Diego to watch our kids so we could make this day happen!