First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage!

Becky and Ryan already have a great story to share with their little one someday. Not only were they were setup, their parents were the matchmakers!

Perfect pair

Perfect pair

It's been just the two of them for more than three years, but now their little family is growing.

We incorporated many of the baby shower gifts!

We incorporated many of the baby shower gifts!

Becky has less than two months to go, but you wouldn't know it from her tiny baby bump. Looking good momma!


The two were in town for their baby shower. It's not a true shower without a good rain, right? We had to improvise. Ryan, I'm sorry I made you hold the pink umbrella!

Rain or shine, they're clearly in love and looking forward to their new journey.

Best of luck to this classy couple! Can't wait to meet baby girl! :)

Lots of love,