A girl after my own heart...

Well all except the mathematician part! I could use a lesson or two from Sabrina, this second grad math wiz.

When Sabrina's mother told me she wanted to bring some critters along to the photo shoot, I got really excited! I grew up with horses, cats, dogs and a guinea pig, so I felt an immediate connection with the 8-year-old when she introduced me to her friends. Meet Aurora the cat, Lizzy the lizard and Coffee the bunny.

I have to admit we were all a little nervous at first. Taking photos of a lizard was a first for me, the animals were a little nervous being outside of their comfy cages and Sabrina was scared of the sharp nails that always come out when animals get jumpy! We made it through with no problems.

Sabrina was a natural! She loved flashing her pretty smile and posing for the camera. When she started climbing trees, it reminded me even more of my childhood.

I tried to capture her curiosity, innocence and sweet personality.

These pictures are a surprise for Dad. Shhhh, don't tell! :) 

Lots of love,