Time to celebrate!

Crissy is an awesome high school senior from Stockton and we had so much fun together! She's sweet, funny, smart and easygoing. She loves animals and babies so we became instant friends. :) She also wants to be a photographer in the military when she graduates. You go girl! Someday she is going to be the one behind the camera and I can't wait to see her photos.

Crissy was down for just about anything so we just walked around and got creative. We found an old truck, a rickety staircase, flowers, cool doors and even a doggy in the window! I tried to capture her big personality, contagious laugh, captivating eyes and sweet smile.

Crissy is into acting and comedy improv so she's not shy in front of crowd. Good thing because I brought along my neighbor, husband, baby and Crissy's mom to help. We tried to make it a special day for Crissy. She's such a great girl and deserved a day in the spotlight.

Congrats and good luck Crissy! I just know you're going to do big things with you life. Thanks for such a fun photo shoot and thanks Lisa (Crissy's mom) for the chocolate chip cookies. They made the drive home very sweet. :)

Lots of Love,