Anna's six months and sitting up!

We're pretty close to the Zimmers, literally and figuratively speaking. We're merely feet away as neighbors and over the past 9 months we've grown to be great friends. When we do a photo session, it's a family affair! Last week the six of us packed into our vehicles and caravaned to the park for Anna's six month photo shoot. 

Behind the scenes, it was a bit chaotic. Rob was wearing our daughter in the Ergo and holding the reflector for me. We had bags, toys and props scattered in the grass. We were all making funny noises and faces to trying to get Anna to smile. It was pretty funny to see this picture Vi caught of the madness.

Our hard work payed off because the pictures turned out great. Vi, Dan and Anna are such a cute family and looked great in their colorful outfits. Vi tried to pick out black and white outfits for them all, but I talked her out of it. She knows I like color. ;) Anna looked pretty in pink and tickled me pink when she sat up like a big girl! Vi forget to mention that big milestone! As her neighbor mom, I hate that she's growing up so fast. :( As a photographer, I love that she's sitting up. It made taking her picture so much easier and fun. 

Anna was a little mad at me for picking a session time so close to her bedtime. She gave me lots of beautiful looks though. Daddy got her to grin by throwing her up in the air. It was awesome to see how much fun she had with her parents. She loved to be held high in the air and I caught a great silhouette of Anna and Vi right before we left. We didn't get the double dimple shot that Vi wanted, but I feel like there's something special about that one. We'll get it next time and have just as much fun doing it!

Lots of love,


Look at Anna's cute little grin! :)

Love this headband with the cute little butterfly. It's handmade by Aubrey's Custom Boutique on Facebook.

Simply adorable!

She liked looking at her reflection. 

There's that cute smile!

So sweet