It's about time...and all about timing!

Nick and Kathy met waaaay back in high school, but the timing wasn't right. Now, 14 years later, everything is right! They're engaged, getting married in October and completely smitten with each other. To be honest with you, I was a bit nervous for the photo shoot. It got canceled twice because of rain and then my friend Vi, who is Nick's sister, told me I might have a hard time getting her brother to come out of his shell. I'm glad he proved you wrong on this one Vi! :)

Nick and Kathy made the photo shoot so easy and fun. When I asked them to cozy up for a picture, they had no problem. In fact, they were complete naturals! What I captured in their photos was pure, raw emotion and love.

I took them to Clarksburg, a hidden little Delta gem. Even though they both grew up in Sacramento, they had never visited the tiny, romantic town. It was a beautiful backdrop for the beautiful couple. I took them into the tall grass, up and down some hills and then Kathy made Nick reenact the engagement. We ended the night by the Sacramento River, where Kathy convinced Nick to take a little dip. No, not that kind of dip! They just got their feet a little wet, but apparently it was pretty cold. Kathy and Nick, thanks for being such good sports! You guys make a perfect pair and I wish you the very best! YOMO! :)

Lots of love,


AKA "The Ninja"

Engagement reenactment :)