6 months and full of sweetness!

I'm so lucky I met Emily in a Facebook moms group. She's an amazing mom and now my friend! Her gorgeous daughter, Nora, is just a few weeks older than my daughter so they're bound to be buds too! 

Nora is 6 months now and sits like a pro. She full of sweetness and modeled all her cute outfits. Her grandparents gave her some adorable bunny ears so we had fun with them too! It's sure to be a happy Easter in this household!

Emily, Billy and Nora are such a fun family! They love being outside and their colorful outfits popped in the green grass. Daddy did the best job getting Nora to smile for the camera, even when we were pushing her bedtime. 

What a beautiful family! I can't wait to make more fun memories with you guys. :)

Lots of love,


Just precious

Baby's view. :) This is one of my new favorites!

This one makes me giggle. She's concentrating so hard!

Hoppy Easter :)

They're both so happy!

You can tell Emily's her mommy!! So perfect!