Aiden and Anders

I love little boys, but when I got pregnant I was secretly hoping for a girl. The little boys I knew were loud, boisterous and busy and I was scared I wouldn't be able to keep up. Some women are made to be moms of boys though and my friend Erin is one of them! She may be small, but she's smart, sassy and strong and the proud mommy of two beautiful boys. 

Erin and I weren't in the same grade, but we were still good friends in high school. We had some good times together, some too crazy to share, so it's a little weird for me to see her as a mother. It doesn't surprise me that she's a good one though and I was thrilled when she booked a mini session with me.

It was my first time meeting her little ones, Aiden and Anders. Erin had them dressed up in matching blue outfits. She's always had an eye for cute clothes! I couldn't help but laugh when they showed up to the park in a red wagon with big wheels and both grandmas. The extra hands were appreciated because the boys were busy indeed! We played on the swings, on the jungle gym, in the trees and on the bridges. Yes, boys will be boys but they were also oh so sweet! I captured some precious moments of Aiden holding his little brother's hand and giving him a big hug. After meeting these guys I can see why mommas love their little boys so much and I guess I'm not so scared anymore. :)

Lots of love,