In my last blog post I wrote about being scared of little boys. Mia is the reason why I LOVE little girls! :)

Mia's the daughter of Stephanie and the granddaughter of Sheila. Sheila is my mom's friend and coworker from Fort Peck, a tiny town in Montana where everyone knows everyone. When Sheila found out I was in town, she booked a photo session for Mia. 

Mia is a total sweetheart and such a good model! Before the photo shoot she told her grandma she would do anything I told her to do. She did. :) She sat on logs and bridges, skipped on paths, hugged her bears and never stopped smiling! She just graduated from preschool and is super smart. She loves zoo animals, especially zebras and giraffes. My two favorites too! :) She also loves super heroes and brought along a cool super hero shirt and her super hero bears!

Mia and her parents just moved to Glasgow (a town 15 minutes away) from North Dakota. It's been wonderful for Sheila to live so close to her little granddaughter, daughter in law and son. I took them to Kiwanis Park in Fort Peck for the photo shoot. It's a great place to get a taste of Montana with beautiful trees, a nature trail, ponds and the lake. I grew up exploring and playing there. Now Mia will too. I hope she likes her new home and her beautiful pictures!

Lots of love,