The Unlikely Matchmaker

They used to cruise in this truck in high school :)

Cora the matchmaker

Sometimes it takes timing to find your true love. In Saraann and Torey's case, it was timing and a dog! Their love story began way back in the seventh grade. That was the first of three times they dated. After their second go around, Saraann found a new love. A hairy, hyper and lovable puppy. Turns out Cora would be Torey's way back into Saraann's heart.


Torey, the dog lover, convinced Saraann to let him come over to "play with Cora". Eventually he turned his occasional visits into nightly visits and won her back. Now the three of them can't get enough of each other. In fact, Cora was the only one there the night Saraann came home to a dozen roses and Torey on one knee with a ring. Now they're quitting dating all together and getting married!

Good omen!

Big Sky Country

It was only fitting that Cora was there for their engagement session. Between her, a cool old truck and a rainbow, it was a photographer's dream! Earlier in the day I was actually worried about the session because we only had one night to do it and in true Montana-style, it was storming! Good thing timing was on our side again. We got the photos done in between storms and the sky turned out to be epic! The dark blue stormy background was incredible against the bright green grass and the blue truck. To top it off, we got a rainbow!

That wasn't all! After we finished the photos out of town, we went into Glasgow for a save-the-date photo at the theater. Torey's dad runs the theater so it was the perfect way to share the news of their wedding. In that time-frame the sky went from dark blue to pink and purple! Only in Glasgow can you stand in the middle of Main Street on a Friday night and not have to worry about cars. It was awesome. Such a perfect night for a perfect couple! 

Just gorgeous!


Too cute

What makes me most happy is that even though their story started years ago, this is just the beginning! These two have a big, long life ahead of them! They're getting married in Glasgow, Montana in September and it's going to be beautiful. It sounds like Cora will be there to witness the special day too and might even get to walk down the aisle. I can't wait! I'm so lucky they chose me to share their story. 

Lots of love,