The Yellow Bucket Distraction

Bucket of love!

So there it was. That yellow, metal, Ikea bucket sitting on the table just waiting to be put away. It had been staring at me, I had been staring at it, for weeks. It would take me 15 seconds to put it away, but for some reason I just never got around to it. In the back of my mind I knew why. Yes, I bought the thing to hold ice and drinks during parties and actually used it for that reason on the 4th of July, but I knew it had a greater purpose. It was just so cute and round and yellow. The perfect photo prop for my cute, yellow-haired, round-faced baby!

Instead of picking up the house, doing laundry and starting dinner like a good wife and mom, I let that darn bucket inspire me! I had an idea, but had to get the rest of the troops on board first. Laken was easy. She's in her mommy stage right now so she pretty much wants to be anywhere I am. Together we came up with a scheme. I put some fairy wings on her and a pouty face on me and walked us over to the sliding glass door where, on the other side, my husband was trying to get rid of carpenter bees. Apparently we were a cute combo and welcome distraction! It only took a couple minutes to put Laken in a white onesie, grab some props and my camera and drag the crew to the park for a mini session. I only needed 20-30 minutes of their time!

Toothy grin

That is literally all it takes to get some really good photos of your mini model. For this photo shoot I brought the yellow bucket, four tutus that I layered as one, some wings and a wand that I got at Target for $2 and two different bows. The bucket was a fun toy (#thebesttoysarenottoys) and all I needed to get Laken smiling. She is used to me dressing her up so she wore the tutus and wings with no problems! I put her in the bucket, in the grass and on the sidewalk and clicked away. After about 20 minutes or so she was over it, dad was over it and I was over the moon! Not only did I finally use the bucket for it's greater purpose, but I got some good photos of Laken's two-toothed grin! :)

Think tank

Mini model sessions are a fabulous way to capture those special moments and stages of your sweet little one's life. They're great for kids because kids change so quickly! Of course, it's awesome to get a full hour-long session where you get WAY more photos! I recommend doing that once or twice a year. You can add in some mini sessions of the babe at other times of the year. I can do themed sessions for certain seasons or holidays too! They only take a small investment of 30 minutes and $75 and you get 10 quality images. We can use nature's beauty as a backdrop, I have a lot of fun props or you can bring your own. I love incorporating items that are important to you because they make the photos more special! Who knows, maybe you have a bucket or chair or blanket sitting around the house with a story to tell! In the future I'll blog about household items that make great photos props, but for now just know that the yellow bucket is safely tucked in bed in the cupboard waiting for the next party or the next photo shoot, whatever comes first!

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Girl on the go!

Sweet fairy baby

Beautiful bows courtesy of Aubrey's Custom Boutique

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