and her gang!

It's a common theme for many moms, including myself, to take tons of photos of their kid(s) and husband, but never end up in them! That's how it is for Shelley Johnson. She has three ADORABLE kids and a handsome husband and I don't blame her for snapping away every chance she gets! But every mom needs some good photos with her family so that's what she got as a birthday and Mother's Day gift.

Shelley is a working mom and managed to put in a day at work, get her family ready and drive all the way from Fairfield to meet me in Davis. The family looked amazing in their colorful and coordinating clothes. Shelley read my blog about dressing for family photos and nailed it! It took a little bit of upside down shaking to get some smiles from Eric, but after that it was all good times. Luke is the oldest and Eric and Caroline are twins. They are a gorgeous family and full of life! We walked and talked and even ran around the Arboretum at UC Davis. All-in-all it was a laid back and effortless photo shoot. It was fun because we got some classic shots then decided to experiment and get goofy! The kids really liked making fun of their parents kissing and I'm sure Shelley and Dana just really enjoyed ... well ... kissing! 

It was fun to hear their parenting stories too! After they had Luke they decided to try for a second child right away. What was supposed to be 2 turned into 2 and 3 and they had their hands full ... literally! Since Shelley was working, Dana stayed home with the kids. Shelley said there were times he had a toddler on his lap and two babies with bottles in his arms. Ha ha! It's always the parents of three that really amaze me! I also got some tips on how to get my daughter to eat vegetables and if it means she will be sweet, energetic and smart like these guys, then I'm all for it!

I asked Dana what he loves most about his wife and he said that she's a wonderful Mother. He couldn't have said it any better and Caroline added that she's a sweet Mom too! I'm glad I got to witness that sweet moment. :)

Lots of love,


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