Welcome to the family!

This sweet baby boy was born into an awesome family! My husband's cousin, Ali, and her husband, Damien, are one of the coolest couples I know! They are so nice, easy-going, hard-working, smart and outdoorsy! They welcomed their little bundle of joy into their home on May 14, 2014! Hunter James was a total sweetheart for his photo shoot. I took his photos after the "prime time" for newborn photography and he was still one of the easiest babies I've worked with. He slept most of the time and didn't fuss when we put him on weird things, like a saddle, although he did pee almost every time we took off his diaper!

I didn't bring many props for this photo shoot because I wanted the photos to stand the test of time. I told Ali and Damien to come up with props that were important and meaningful to them. Ali chose a rocking chair that was a gift from a family member and a saddle that's decor in their dining room. Damien wanted to incorporate his hunting and fishing gear. I thought it was great that he showed so much interest in the photos! It definitely made for a unique photo shoot. Using fishing line, camo and antlers was a first for me!

Hunter was born an outdoorsman, his name says it all! I can't wait to watch him grow into Damien's mini me. One day they'll fish together with that same pole! The rocking chair photo is one of my all-time favorites. It just makes me melt and I can't explain why. I also love the photos we took in Hunter's room and crib. I even let Damien talk me into taking a photo with antlers coming out of baby Hunter's head. It's actually pretty cute and funny.   

Congrats on the newest addition to your beautiful family! Next time we'll get all three of you and the dogs. It will be crazy and lovely!

Lots of love,