#hairtamed #combover #growinguptoofast #cutestbabyever #sweetboy

I could come up with so many more hashtags for Trey, but I won't do that to you. His mommy, Suzanne, gets full credit for #treytreyadorbs. She put it on Facebook once and it totally stuck! That's what we call him in the Carlmark household now. :) 

The last time I took photos of Trey, Suzanne was about to go back to work. She was dreading the day, having a hard time sleeping and super sad. Now, she's got it all figured out! She's a working woman and a wonderful momma! Trey has a great day care, she is adored at work and their family of three finds a way to spend a lot of quality time together! 

That's why we did this recent photo shoot at their home. It's where they like to hang out and relax. Trey has an awesome swing set, a hammock and his dog, Bodie to play with. The big guy is a gentle giant and great "dog brother". I'm sure it won't be long before Trey is crawling all over his back and pulling his long tail! 


Do you notice something different about Trey? Yes, his hair! Suzanne finally got it to stay down! It just melts my heart when I see his sweet face and that comb over. The boy gets cuter every time I see him! He's also getting bigger and loves being thrown in the air by his dad, Teddy! 


This photo shoot was fun because Trey, Suzanne and Teddy were so comfortable at home. I think photo shoot locations are very important. When people look at their photos, I want them to get a warm and fuzzy feeling not only because of the subject but because the background means something to them. I always have ideas up my sleeve, but I also like to encourage people to think of a special place. Maybe it's a backyard, a park or favorite area in town? I'm open to almost anywhere! 

Since the Olson photo shoot was at their home, we all got to enjoy a glass of wine together afterward! Now that's pretty special! 

Lots of love,