Waiting for Greyson

Summer is winding down for Jill, Adam and Sophia and now they're gearing up for an eventful Fall. In late October they're welcoming a new addition to the family! I found out Jill was pregnant before she was telling people she was pregnant, so I've been waiting a long time for this maternity shoot. I'm sure it's felt a lot longer for Jill, who's growing this baby boy in her belly. :)

We met in Folsom for their whimsical and romantic session. Sophia and Adam popped in their bright colors and Jill looked absolutely stunning in her white maxi dress. The dry, grassy field and cool trees made it almost look like we were on a safari. Jill brought some blue balloons and Sophia had a blast popping them at the end! We also got some photos with the cutest little baby shoes. They were making me baby crazy for sure!

Greyson will turn their cute family of three into an even cuter foursome. They're all very excited about it, even Sophia, who was hoping for a girl, is warming up to the idea of a baby brother. I can tell she's going to be a great big sister. When I heard her plans for her little brother I couldn't help but giggle. She said she's going to teach him how not to cry, how to use the potty and how to swim. Isn't that the cutest list? She also said she's going to change his diapers. I'm sure Jill and Adam will gladly take the help on that one! 

Adam and Jill make parenting look easy and I'm sure they will have no problem easing into their new roles as parents of two! They already have a diaper changer so the hard part is taken care of, right? ;) This family is full of love, laughter, giggles and adventures and little Greyson will be one lucky little baby! I can't wait to meet him, watch him grow and capture more memories with my camera.

Lots of love,


So in love

Sweetest shoes

Beautiful belly!

Adam is exciting for a boy!

Love this!

Those are Sophia's little hands! Makes me melt :)

Gorgeous momma!

End of the photo shoot, everyone is tired :)

Love how Sophia puckered her lips for this one!