Silly. Funny. Dorky. Who knows.

Those five words and this picture pretty much sum up my photo shoot with the Kendalls!

But before I explain I need to back up a little bit. The Kendalls were referred to me by a family I took pictures for recently. Judy wanted to get family photos before her daughter moved to Omaha to be a nurse. We decided to meet at Royer Park in Roseville. It brought back a lot of memories for Judy and Randy. Judy said she used to take the kids there when they were little, so little that Sarah and John didn't even remember. She said they would get happy meals and then play at the park. Judy also said they used to visit two bears that lived there.

The bear story inspired me to do a little research. Turns out black bears, Brutus and Ursella, did in fact live at Royer Park for much of their lives until a teenager stepped in. Justin Barker felt bad for the bears living in a small, dirty cage so he raised thousands of dollars to get them moved to a much better facility in Folsom. It's a pretty interesting story! I found an old news clip.

Anyway, back to the Kendalls. We had a good time walking around Royer Park reminiscing! They held hands, pretended to be band members posing for record shots and made me laugh when I asked them each to say one word that described their family. That's where funny, silly, dorky and who knows come in. They told me that's a pretty good family description and when they pulled out their funny Christmas hats at the end of the session I totally got it! I took some conventional photos of them wearing the hats that will look great on a Christmas card, but I really wanted to get a photo that showcased those five words. They decided to hold hands and skip down the bridge. It was hilarious and the pictures will bring anyone and everyone holiday cheer this year! I know Randy and Judy will miss their daughter when she moves, but they always have this day to remember and make them smile. Best of luck Sarah!

Lots of love and ho ho ho,


(Did you know you get $25 off your next photo shoot if a friend mentions your name when they book a session?)