All the plans were in place. Family visits were scheduled, plane tickets were purchased and childcare was set up. The hospital bag wasn't packed yet and the car seat still needed to be cleaned and installed, but the Hudsons still had time. At least that's what they thought! I guess little Elliott Grace had her own plans and surprised everyone when she came early. It wasn't the easiest entrance into the world and the Hudsons spent a lot more time in the hospital than they wanted, but that's all behind them and they have a beautiful baby girl to show for it. Once Elliott got home, all was well in the world. By the time I got there, at day ten, Bill and Jamie had it down! Elliott was a total sweetheart and loved to just sleep and chill, Harper was being a great big sister and helper and Bill and Jamie were actually getting sleep. I knew these two would have no problems! 

At ten days new, Elliott was a breeze to work with. She slept much of the time and hardly made a peep. She wore tutus, headbands, bracelets and owl outfits with no fuss at all. The biggest fuss of the day was when Bill walked in and saw Elliott in a tutu and headband. Just kidding Bill, it was more of an eye roll than fussing. ;) Jamie and I tried to keep it simple and sweet, but couldn't help ourselves! The biggest hit was a University of Michigan colored headband. Jamie knew her family would love that one! The sweetest accessories were matching Big Sis and Lil Sis bracelets for Harper and Elliott. Too sweet! 

This was a super fun session and I can't wait to see Elliott and her new family in six months! We'll find out if everyone's still getting sleep then. ;)

Lots of love,