A friend of mine wanted to get some photos of her adorable family to give to her mom on Mother's Day. It ended up being a really fun session and I just love how the photographs turned out! Spring is such a pretty time in Sacramento and we chose Land Park for the backdrop. Flowers were blooming everywhere and Cassandra chose sweet and simple outfits that complimented the light and airy feel perfectly. 

Her little guy just turned one. He was super curious and wanted to walk, explore and flirt with all the people at the park. He was a total ham and kept clapping and blowing kisses to the camera. He even flipped off the sky! He was having so much fun it was contagious. I brought along a wagon to keep him entertained and Cassandra brought a chair and some wooden cars. Cassandra's brother was in town and added an extra element of fun.

The photo shoot unfolded naturally and I think that's why it turned out so great. Before the session Cassandra told me she had no expectations other than getting some good photos for her mom. That's a great approach to family photo shoots. Because we weren't trying to replicate something from Pinterest, every photo was spontaneous and captured the real emotions, love and fun they were having. 

Happy Spring and lots of love,