Ready or not, "little guy" is on the way for the Rupprecht family! I'm calling him little guy because he still doesn't have a name. In fact, his parents say the list of names is getting bigger rather than smaller! He's due later this month and Jennifer and Paul hope to have a name picked out before he's born. I know how hard that is, so good luck to them!

Taylor is his big sister. I like to call her Tay or Taylor Bug. She's a spunky little sweetheart and has been caught on video camera saying "no" when asked if she wants a little brother. ;) I'm not sure if she's fully aware of what that means or how much life is about to change, but I know in time she's going to LOVE having another kid around the house to play with! 

I traveled to Castro Valley for this maternity session. It was a bright and beautiful day in the Bay Area and the hills were lush and green. Jennifer really wanted a view of San Francisco for some of the photos and at 35 weeks pregnant was willing to hike up a big hill to get it! I had to work with some harsh lighting, but the view of the city was worth it! We could see the high-rises, the Bay Bridge and even the Golden Gate bridge if we looked hard enough. Paul and Jennifer recently moved to the area and their families live on the other side of the country, so this will be a cool memory if they don't stay in California forever.

We ended the session at their house, which was nearby. Taylor got out her toys and the family dog, Molly, came out to play. She was Jennifer's first baby and posed perfectly with her paw on the baby bump! I love making photos with pets because they don't live as long as us and one day these pictures will be extra special to the family.

Little guy has a wonderful life awaiting his arrival and I can't wait to meet him!!!

Lots of love,