Instead of getting the whole family photo ready, packing a bunch of bags and hauling everyone to a park, a client asked if I would come to her home for her son's three month photo shoot. I was there for the newborn shoot and knew Jill and Adam have a great front and backyard and the lighting would be good, so I was happy to meet them there. There's no place like home, right? 

Sometimes your house is a perfect place for a photo shoot because you're comfortable there and it's easy to be yourselves. It's also great with little ones because when they've had enough of pictures, they can take a break and play with their toys or get a snack. I also love to make photos of them playing with their toys and being in their element. Those pictures are often more special to parents too!

Jill had a lot of props she wanted to use for Greyson's photo session. His nursery is nautical themed so we incorporated a lot of items from his room. We also used his stuffed bear and some cute bunny accessories. Three months is such a fun age and Greyson's personality was really coming out! He gave me all sorts of sweet smiles and loved to look at the camera. I couldn't get over his big blue eyes! WOW! Mom and Dad hope he gets to keep them and I can see why! 

The photos I really love to take are those that show interaction, moments and emotion and we got a lot of those too! It's easy to see how much Jill and Adam love their children and each other. They are such a beautiful family! I also got some photos of big sis, Sophia, who is turning four in March. She's such a sweetheart and loved to show me her awesome backyard and all her fun toys. 

Since we're all friends, Jill also invited my husband and daughter to come over. They went to a park in the beginning so I could work and then came over for fun time! Laken loved playing with Sophia and jumping on her trampoline. :)

We'll be back there for little G's six month session too. That's my favorite age because he should be sitting up and smiling even more! Cuteness overload!!

Lots of love,