It's hard to believe I met the La family just five months ago. We felt like old friends walking  around Elk Grove Park for their family photo session. Ava, who was just a newborn then, is now almost six months. She' still the same beauty, but with a lot more hair and personality. Elliott is growing smarter by the minute, obsessed with basketball and still knows all about technology. 

This was my first session at Elk Grove Park and I quickly fell in love with the location. Even though it was extremely busy, it was big enough to find some quiet places to capture some great memories with these guys. The photos I love the most are the ones with Elliott and Ava interacting. From fussy kisses, to hat peek-a-boo to butt butt goose, they kept me constantly entertained! It wasn't intentional, but after looking back through the photos I noticed I took some similar sibling photos during both sessions. (posted below) It's a fun way to see how Elliott and Ava have grown and changed in such a short amount of time. 

I can't wait for our next photo shoot when I get to meet even more of their awesome family members! Be on the lookout for those photos in July. :)

Lots of love,