I love Glenn and Kristee's story. They actually met in a water skiing club. After a lot of poking and prodding from her mother, Kristee finally agreed to check it out and according to family members, it didn't take long for Glenn to "show her the ropes". Whether it was family or fate that brought them together, there's no question it was meant to be.

They wanted to get married at a place that fit their personalities and they knew they had found it at Miner's Leap Winery. The small Delta winery has character, a laid-back atmosphere and is always filled with good people, good times and good wine! When Glenn described their plans to me he said it would be like a big party with their closest friends and family. That's when I knew we would be a good fit too. I couldn't wait until May 9th!

Their wedding day was just like they had planned. The sky was bright blue, the sun was shining and the Delta breeze blew just enough to keep it cool, but not mess up anyone's hair. The decor was simple and so was the ceremony, but the mood was anything but that! Kristee and Glenn were so happy and in love, it was infectious. Their family and friends were so much fun and the laughter, smiles and stories never stopped. 

This wedding had so much raw emotion. Many amazing memories were made, from Glenn hooting and hollering at the alter, to roaring laughter when his ring wouldn't go on, to Kristee breaking down during the first dance to Glenn getting down on the dance floor. My husband and I were honored to capture it all on camera and we will never look at the dance floor at Miner's Leap the same way again. ;) Thank you for inviting us to your awesome party. We wish you a lifetime of the love and laughter we were lucky enough to witness that day!

Lots of love,