I have to admit I was a little nervous when I found out I was going to photograph a surprise engagement during a recent family photo shoot. It was also my first time shooting at the beach, why not add that to the mix? :) More than anything though, I was super excited and honored! 

Scott's sister, Allison, told me about it via text message earlier that day. I said we needed a code phrase and a plan. Scott was the mastermind behind both. He came up with the code "favorite pose" and said to have Danyelle stand in front of him and smile for the camera while he got down on one knee behind her. 

Later that day I met Scott and Danyelle for the first time and instantly knew they were perfect for each other. They were super cute and giggly throughout the whole session. Scott didn't seem nervous, just happy. 

The engagement went as planned, in front of all their family members and a ton of beach goers. Even though I was snapping away behind the camera, it was super emotional for me too. The surprise, joy and love they expressed was just beautiful. I felt very lucky to witness it.

Join me in wishing these two a life full of laughs and love! I hope all of their days together will be just as joyful as this one.

Lots of love,