I had a great photo shoot the other day! Meet Allison, Brandon and their first baby, Colton. At 11 days new, he already had quite the personality; a little silly, a lot of sweet, very smart and totally lovable! I love his hair swirl, those kissable lips, the way he held daddy's fingers and how he already knew how to suck his thumb. (with a little guidance from Mom & Grandma)

This session was great because we had time to not only get some adorable posed newborn photos, (who doesn't love a little baby bum?) but to also capture those tender moments between a new baby and new parents. Those types of photos are my favorites because they show the love and emotion that comes with all that newness. We made sure to use a blanket made by Colton's grandma and a few other things that are special to the family. 

On a side note, throughout the session I kept trying to figure out why Brandon (Dad) looked so familiar. Then it hit me! He looks like Andy Dwyer from Parks & Recreation! (one of my guilty pleasures) Unfortunately they didn't know who he was and I couldn't look up the actor's real name because and my phone was dead because my daughter had thrown it in the toilet. (that's another story for another time) Anyway, it's Chris Pratt! Do you see the resemblance? 

Courtesy http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/chris_pratt.jpg

Okay, keep scrolling to see that beautiful baby!

Lots of love,