I got way behind on blogging toward the end of last year. Life just got really busy! One of my New Year's resolutions work-wise is to catch up and since I have a photo shoot with Trey this weekend, I thought I should start with him! 

I started making photos of Trey when he was newly born, 3 months, 6 months and this last one was 9 months. Every time I'm blown away by how much he has grown and changed! This last session he looked more like a little boy rather than a baby. It just makes me sad. Can't we press pause and keep them little for ever?! :)

His parents said he was tired, grumpy and teething and there was no way I was going to get him to smile. I guess they hadn't witnessed my inventive, weird and persistent side yet. ;) Suzanne reminded me the other day that I grabbed some random metal flag holder thing in their yard, hooked Sophie the giraffe to the end and was "getting" Trey with it. Anyone watching from the street probably thought I was crazy, but I did get some big grins out of the little guy.

We did the photo shoot at their house and big brother, Bodie, got in on the fun again. I doesn't matter how much Trey grows, Bodie still has him beat! I also love the massive tree in their from yard, so I made sure to make photos with that as the backdrop. I captured moments of sweetness and silliness. Trey loved pulling his mom's hair. The real moments are always the best moments! 

Trey turned one awhile back and we went to his party. I just had to snap a few photos while I was there. There's nothing cuter than a toothy, cake smile on a first birthday! Scroll to the bottom for that cuteness too. When I photograph Trey this weekend, he will be walking! I bet you can't wait for those photos. I know I'm excited!

Lots of love,


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