I love how everything came together so perfectly for this session. Annie is a very busy woman and we had been going back and forth on a date for her maternity session and never actually settled on one. I knew she was getting close to her due date so I texted one day to let her know I would be at McKinley Park the following weekend for a session and I could fit her in too. She had a baby shower that morning but could make the afternoon work! I chose McKinley because the location would work for both families, not knowing the trees would be in full bloom. The pink and white blossoms were beautiful and soft, just perfect for a baby girl maternity session. Annie looked stunning and the color of her dress was perfect. This is one good looking family and Nick and Carter looked handsome like usual!

Carter, who's almost three now, was all smiles! Every time I see him, I'm amazed. He was born prematurely with gastroschisis, a condition when your intestines are outside your body. When I did his one year photos he still couldn't walk. Now he's running and jumping with no signs of his tough start to life. He is going to be such a fun and sweet big brother! I cannot wait to meet little sis and hope she's born on her due date, March 23rd, because it's my birthday too! :)

Look for more photos of this growing family next month!

Lots of love,