I was so excited for this session! I've taken photos for the Lovern family a couple times but not since Dillon was born. I see him all the time on Facebook, but this was the real deal! Dillon just turned one. He's a handsome, sweet little fella and looks a lot like his beautiful momma, but I see his daddy too.

We met at McKinley park for his one year session and found some beautiful flowers that matched their outfits. Dillon was happy in his parent's arms and loved it when we sang "If You're Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands!" I bet the other people in the rose garden got a kick out of us three adults singing and clapping as loud as we could to get him to smile. 

Laura brought some very important jackets from her childhood for the kids to wear. Aubrey wore Laura's coat and Dillon wore her brother's coat. It was a very special picture because her brother passed away a few years ago. Even though Dillon was not a fan of the hat, he still looked adorable wearing it while crying. 

Every time I see this family it's obvious how much they love each other and the life they've created together. I'm so happy for them!

Lots of love,