When you meet Alex and Kamden, you immediately like them! They are nice, happy and easy-going and will make great parents to their baby boy due at the end of May. Did I mention easy-going? It's a good thing because their maternity session didn't go as perfectly as we would have liked. Luck was not on our side with a good chance of rain in the forecast for Saturday, so on a whim we decided to do it a day early and take a chance. We probably shouldn't all go gambling together because it rained...pretty much the whole time! Luckily it was just a light shower and these guys went with it!

The Lodi setting was beautiful and their dog behaved like a champ for a few big sis pictures. We did what we could under trees and in patios. Once we decided the rain probably wasn't going to stop they took me to the family vineyard with the tree where they got engaged in the background. It was beautiful and the light rain made it even more magical...kind of...and we had a great time! Congrats to these two and I can't wait to meet their baby boy in a couple months!

Lots of love,


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