I often see babies one, two or even three times in between their newborn and one year sessions, so I'm not surprised at how much they've grown and changed and they usually remember me. That was not the case with Lily. This was literally my first time seeing her (in person and in photos) since she was a couple weeks old. She was a little skeptical of me at first and the looks she was giving me were hilarious, but after some flower tickles to her feet she warmed up and was flashing her toothy grin at me. I was even lucky enough to capture her signature look on camera when she cocks her head to the side and smiles. She won me over instantly and her parents are in trouble with that one!

Her sweet floral print dress complimented the flower background beautifully and with a garden themed birthday party, it was the perfect location. Lily is a mover and only sat and smiled for me in the beginning. Good thing I had plenty of props to keep her busy and after they got boring, she had Mom and Dad to swing her around. Her parents brought a big pink balloon as a prop and I brought a pink number 1. We learned pretty quickly that the balloon was stronger than the 1 when they both disappeared into the sky. It was a pretty funny moment! Toward the end I asked Lily's dad if he had any photo ideas and he thought it would be a good idea to put Lily in a tree. This was the moment her mom and I were a little skeptical, but he was actually right. She looked super cute and loved climbing around on the bark. 

Such a cute family and a really fun session! Happy birthday Lily!

Lots of love,