Update: After writing this I heard from Toki's mom, who had great news! Toki just visited the doctor and it turns out he's doing amazing and isn't going to have to have that last surgery after all! He's only wearing a brace at night and that gets to go off in three weeks. What an incredible journey coming to an end. Thanks for the great update!

Earlier Post:

This photo session was all about Toki. He recently turned one and on top of that major milestone, has come a long way in the last couple of months physically. He has hip dysplasia and in just one year was in and out of three braces, had surgery and a cast. He still has one more surgery to go, but will hopefully be feeling good and ready to take on the world after that!

Back when we first scheduled his session he wasn't even sitting up on his own yet. We actually had had to reschedule that one and another because of bad weather, but the timing worked out perfectly. He's sitting up, crawling, able to stand while holding onto things and even walking with help from mom and dad now.

He's seriously a super happy kid and flashed all sorts of cuteness toward the camera. Between him and his adorable big sister, I was smitten! Their big blue eyes, blonde hair and awesome expressions will make anyone smile.

This is such a lovely family and it was so great to see them all again and how well they're doing! Congrats on one year and even more big steps to come!

Lots of love,