I always love photographing high school seniors. It's a nice change of pace and totally different from a family session where I'm often running, jumping, singing, being silly and so on. I don't know why, but high schoolers don't react the same to my funny faces. ;) 

Alessandra is gorgeous and so easy to work with! Her eyes are captivating and have the same green hue as the nature surrounding her that evening at Capitol Park. She had a lot of fun outfits and we had a great time exploring and finding the best light and background. Her mom tagged along and even helped me with the reflector! 

Ale's almost done with high school and heading to Boise State in the Fall. I know her mom is going to miss her, but it's easy to see how proud she is of her daughter. She's a beautiful human being, inside and out, and I was honored to capture some moments from this important time in her life.

Lots of love and good luck,