On any given morning you may find this mama and her two girls making pancakes. Not just any pancakes, heart pancakes and fittingly the syrup is pink and the smiles are big. Lea has done it so many times she doesn't need a recipe and she hand pours the batter into perfect hearts for her little loves. Lily and Iris each have their utensil and a job and sometimes there are wings involved and often times, bare bottoms. At one time they did it for the first time, but over the days and weeks and months, it's become their thing, their very own special thing. 

For a mom, this thing is very precious and these moments are so very cherished. One day when Lily and Iris are grown, Lea will think back on those days and yearn for those sweet and simple mornings when the sun and warmth poured into their kitchen. Her memory may be a bit foggy because let's face it, mom brain is real, but because she invested in this moment, the photographs will bring her back. She'll remember the way it felt when the girls held onto so tightly, laughed at her jokes like she was the funniest person they knew and looked up at her with those big eyes like she was best mom in the world. She'll be able to hear the laughter, smell the pancakes and feel the love they shared on those days. What's even more special is that Lily and Iris will get to see just how awesome life was like when they were little and be reminded that they do have the best mom in the world.

Lots of love,