{A glimpse inside Cameras & Cocktails Sac}

You have the fancy camera and the adorable kids, now what? Photographing your children in a beautiful and natural in your home way can be a challenge, especially when life with littles is often crazy, chaotic and messy. (At least it is in my house!) Here are three simple tips to get you started.

1. If your house looks anything like mine right now, most of the rooms are a mess. Sometimes all those toys help tell the story, other times they take away from the photograph. If you want to achieve a clean and simple portrait of your child, don't let the clutter stop you! Do you have a hallway with some natural light on one end? Hallways are usually mess-free and the straight lines lead your eyes right to your child's beautiful expression. Just turn off the overhead lights, shut all the doors, except for the one with your natural light source, and click away! Explore different angles and times of day. In the afternoon I have indirect, soft light. In the morning I have direct, harsh light. They create entirely different images.

2. Find a backdrop with symmetry and set-up something in front of it that your child enjoys. Our eyes are attracted to symmetry, so the photograph is automatically interesting. Now let's just hope your kids cooperate! :) Also, if the lines are crooked, don't forget to level them while editing. It can be distracting when things that are supposed to be straight, like windows and horizons, are crooked.

3. Don't be afraid to take your camera out on a cloudy day. You may think it's too dark in your home to get good photographs, but the soft light coming in from a window can make for dramatic and beautiful images. 

These little tips are just a few of so many my talented partner Becci Ravera Photography and I will teach in our Cameras and Cocktails Sacramento workshop! Have you heard about this awesome opportunity?! It's a five-class workshop and mom's club that will cover DSLR basics, light and composition, proper exposure, white balance and the best part ... how to creatively capture your kids and family inside and outside your home. Oh, did I mention there will be wine and snacks too? Maybe that's the best part? :) Spots are limited and we're offering an early bird discount through the end of the month. (That's Monday!!) You don't want to miss out on this deal! If you want even more tips on how to make your photography awesome, head on over to Becci's blog