It's hard not to get attached to your clients, especially the little ones. I knew Anna before she was born and now she's about to turn one! She used to be this tiny little baby (always with a lot of hair) who could hardly move and now she's crawling, smiling, smirking and squealing! Our friend Emily always uses the hashtag #stopgrowingup and it's very true. I cannot believe how time flies! It hits even harder because Anna's just a few weeks older than my daughter. They are total opposites and when the two of them get together it's hilarious to watch. They are going to get into trouble one day, we just know it.

Anyway, as hard as it is to see them grow up, it's fun! Anna is starting to look so grown up. I took her one year photos outside her house. With good lighting, a neutral background and a few props, you can take pictures almost anywhere! She looked so precious in her dusty rose tutu with a matching shabby bow. (courtesy of Aubrey's Custom Boutique) We used a banner than hangs in her room, a pretty mirror on loan from a friend and her birth announcement pillow. It was fun to see how much she's grown since she was born!

Anna is pretty comfortable with me because I see her often. Between the three of us (me and her parents) we had no problems getting some sweet smiles. I was extremely lucky to have some nosey neighbors that day though! (Just kidding Carol :) Our neighbor friend, Carol, and her daughter, Niamh, just happened to be outside and had to see what was going on next door. It was perfect because adults can make baby's smile, but kids can make them laugh and light up! That's exactly what happened! It also helped that Carol ran back to the house and grabbed some fun hats and toys to really get Anna going. Apparently I need to get a jester hat and an older child to tag along during my photo shoots! 

As always, I had a blast and love poured out of these photos. Vi, I'll be there crying with you on her birthday! :)

Lots of love,


Turning one

So sweet

Getting so big!


Now that's a laugh!

Love this!

Such a cute family

Doesn't Anna look like her daddy here?

I need to get one of these!

Anna's the center of their world :)

She loves her mommy!

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