What's not to love?! :)

Jenna and Nate Doornek have been blessed with a lovely life! They've been together since junior year of high school, they're both teachers in their hometown of Glasgow, they have a beautiful home and the cutest little boy. Three-year-old Beckett is full of life and love! He likes to play, run around and ham it up for the camera!

From the outside looking in, life seems pretty perfect, but the Doorneks want a bigger family and that's where it gets complicated. Adoption has always been a part of their plan, but after complications during Beckett's birth it became their only option. Knowing adoption could take time, they started the process right away. That was three years ago and it hasn't been easy.

They were on an adoption list for an Ethiopian baby only to be told that would likely never happen because the country wants to keep it's babies in their homeland. They focused their search closer to home and Jenna actually contacted me to capture photos of them just being together as a family in their house. She wanted to create what's called a birth mom profile, something moms who are putting their babies up for adoption can view to get to know potential families. Their plans changed though after one surprise phone call. They got pulled out of school and rushed to Wolf Point where they met a baby boy. They brought Hudson Grant home and prayed he would get to stay forever. God had different plans and the little guy went home to his birth dad. It was a heartbreaking experience for their family but they remain positive and strong.

As far as pictures go, they decided to detour from the plan and only take a few at home then go out to capture some Fall family fun. It was perfect timing for changing colors but the worst timing for mosquitoes. We went to the 6th Avenue bridge area and got eaten alive! The golf course was just as pretty and much more enjoyable because they had been spraying. The pictures speak for themselves. It's obvious Jenna and Nate are awesome parents and love their son very much! Hearing their story and getting to know them better has been an inspiration. There's no doubt in my mind their threesome will grow to four and they will give a baby a wonderful life someday. Keep them in your thoughts. :)

Lots of love,