I began taking photos for the Baughmans when their little girl turned three. At that point Jill and Adam had just found out they were pregnant with baby # two. Eight months or so later made some beautiful maternity photos and then I finally got to meet the little guy in the November. 

Greyson Quinn was as handsome as ever with steel blue eyes, the most kissable lips and just a tiny tuft of light blonde hair. He already looked like his beautiful big sister! Even though Sophia was hoping for a littler sister in the beginning, you could see just how hard she had fallen for her little brother. She was so gentle and sweet with him. 

We did the photo shoot at the family's home and used Jill's baby blanket and Greyson's toy basket. I think it's important to incorporate items that are special to the family. We got some of the typical sleeping baby photos, but Greyson was a little older and already very alert. He didn't want to miss out on any of the fun and I don't blame him! I love the photos we made with him awake and showing off his personality. 

I get to see Greyson again on Sunday for his three month photo shoot. I've been watching him grow on Facebook. He has adorable cute chubby cheeks now and a super sweet smile. I can't wait get it on camera! Be on the lookout for an updated blog post soon.

Lots of love,


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