At 33 weeks pregnant, this momma looks amazing and said she feels good too! Jamie is expecting her second daughter, Elliott Grace, at the end of March. Big sister Harper, who is three and a half, can't wait to meet the baby in her momma's belly. She already nicknamed her little sister Elliott Belliot. How adorable is that?! Harper is sassy, silly and smart and definitely added some flair to this session. She gave me all sorts of adorable looks and I caught some cute moments between her and her momma. She is going to be a fun big sister!

We picked Gibson Ranch for the maternity session. I love the variety of backdrops you get all in one place without having to walk too much. We had to reschedule the original session because of the rain and it worked out perfectly. Yes, it was slightly warm and a little buggy, but it was a beautiful day with blue skies, wispy clouds and green grass. Clouds always make silhouettes a little more interesting, so I made a nice one of the family. 

I asked Jamie and Bill if they were ready for Ellie to arrive and of course they said yes! Then they added...we hope! They cannot wait to meet her and hold her in their arms, but said sometimes they wonder just how crazy life is going to be with two kiddos. I'm sure it's a common fear for most parents expecting a second but trust me, these two can handle it.  Bill is a news producer so he can handle high-stress and managing multiple babies. (I'm not comparing reporters to babies...or maybe I am. ;) I was one for eight years so I can say that!) Jamie is the most organized, on-top-of-it person I know, so she's going to be fine. She actually said Leslie Knope is her spirit animal, which cracked me up because it's so true! (a Parks and Recreation reference)

Elliott Grace's newborn and six month sessions are already on the calendar (like I said, Jamie is organized) and just like everyone else, I cannot wait to meet her! Be on the lookout for the newborn photos sometime in April!

Lots of love,


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