If you've ever been to Fairytale town, you know what it's like. There are a ton of little kiddos running around, sliding down things, eating snacks, laughing, crying, whining, whatever. It's always fun but a little crazy too! If you're a kid though, it's pure awesomeness for the same reasons. You get to run around, go down slides, eat snacks, yell, scream, laugh, cry and be crazy. That's what my little buddy, Trey, got to do for his one year session and I got to capture it all on camera.

This shoot completed his first year of photo sessions. I got to capture so many milestones from when he was a new baby with his binki, to sitting up, to standing and now to a walking toddler. It's been an incredible year! Trey has turned out to be one sweet, smart, strong and ADORABLE kiddo and he's growing up to be just like his parents.

Speaking of Teddy and Suzanne, if you go anywhere in Sacramento with these two, you're bound to run into someone who knows them. It happens every time and this photo session was no different. Teddy and Suzanne both grew up in the Land Park area and have a ton of friends. It's not surprising because you couldn't meet two nicer people! 

Fairytale Town brought back a lot of memories for them. Even though they both went there a million times as kids, it was their first time together. What made it ever more special was that they were bringing Trey there for the first time too. I was pretty stoked to be there for that! 

Once he got brave enough to let go of mommy and daddy, Trey had a blast! He loved the cheese holes, the trains, tractor and a turtle. He got to eat a popsicle for the first time and only melted down when he needed to stop for a snack. He loved to watch the big kids and even did a little flirting with some friends. ;) A fun time was had by all! 

Congrats on surviving the first year Suzanne and Teddy. You did great!

Lots of love,


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